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Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO)

Provides presentations to parents and caregivers on how to detect a child is being bullied and the legal implications of bullying, especially cyber-bullying. MCAO also brings presentations to schools on how to deal with cyber-bullying and inappropriate content distributed via the internet.

To request a presentation, contact: MCAO Community Affairs (602) 506-3411

You can submit an online form at:

Arizona Department of Health Services

For Bullying Resources and Information, visit the ADHS Bullying website:

Arizona Attorney General’s Office Outreach and Education Division 

We travel statewide offering presentations educating and bringing awareness to help protect our communities, on various topics including but not limited to, suicide prevention, anti-bullying, internet safety, human trafficking, opioid addiction and vaping.

All of our presentations are free and available in Spanish as well as English.

To learn more or to request a presentation, feel free to contact me directly or follow the link to our website:

The Dion Initiative

The Dion Initiative for Child Well-Being and Bullying Prevention is a resource and research program that promotes environments that foster the health, well-being, and academic success of children.


Autism Society of Greater Phoenix

The Autism Society of Greater Phoenix provides information, resources, and support to families affected by autism and helps families who have just received the autism diagnosis by providing information on effective treatments.

Girls Rule

Girls Rule hosts programs to help girls thrive in their schooling, their dreams and their lives. They educate and equip girls to succeed through mother-daughter monthly summits, summer camp and after-school clubs.

Boys To Men Greater Phoenix

Is a group mentoring organization helping guide boys on their journey to being good men.   Trained men run weekly groups in middle and high schools, helping boys gain an understanding of their strengths and what maybe getting in their way.  Boys and men also come together to engage in Rite of Passage weekends and monthly Adventure Groups. 


One•n•ten is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving and assisting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth ages 14 to 24. From weekly discussion groups to fun, social networking events, we create a safe space, mentally and physically, for youth of all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. We also offer resources to promote healthy choices and living.

Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council  

The Council serves Arizonans of all ages with developmental disabilities, providing original research, education, advocacy and financial support in the areas of employment, self-advocacy and community inclusion. 

Wise Choices Alternatives 

This organization provides solutions to what is called the "school to prison pipeline” with Cognitive Behavioral Life skills Curriculum.  We have our curriculum in book format as well as online courses such as Media Awareness, Bullying, Texting and Driving, Alcohol and Drug Awareness. Our unique blend of curriculum includes cognitive restructuring, self-directed learning and a narrative approach which helps individuals overcome their self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. 


Andy Hull’s Sunshine Foundation

Following the untimely death of her son, LeAnn Hull created a foundation to offer  love, encouragement and suicide prevention. The focus and mission of the foundation is to provide awareness and prevention of suicide with a “You Matter” approach.

Aurora Behavioral Health

The largest free-standing psychiatric hospital in Arizona.  Services include inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient serving adolescents 13-17 and adults 18 and over.  24/7 Patient Services are available at: (480) 345-5420 or (877) 870-7012.

Teen LifeLine

A hotline focusing on offering assistance to teens. Young adults can talk to peers via phone call or texting, all supervised by trained crisis counselors.

Inside Maricopa County: 602-248-TEEN or (602) 248-8336

Outside Maricopa County: 800-248-TEEN

Crisis Response Network

A nonprofit offering experienced, professionally trained Crisis Specialists ready to respond 24/7 to whatever crisis an individual is facing with rapid mobile team response. Services include a peer-run Warm Line, Serious Mental Illness determinations, crisis transportation services, Department of Child Safety rapid response and crisis stabilization services, tragedy support lines and more.

Central Arizona Crisis Line (24/7/365) (602) 222-9444, (1-800) 631-1314

Warm Line (Peer-to-Peer) (602) 347-1100

Northern Arizona Crisis Line (877) 756-4090

Hearing Impaired (TTY/TDD) Crisis Line (800) 327-9254

Mentally Ill Kids In Distress (MIKID)

A non-profit, statewide organization that provides services to youth, and support to their families, who are dealing with mental health challenges. They focus on the family as a whole, providing them with tools to help achieve goals, information on natural supports, community resources and education.  MIKID currently offers free SafeTalk suicide prevention training for schools in Maricopa and Pinal counties. Call (602) 253-1240 or visit:

Mental Health America of Arizona

Mental Health America of Arizona promotes the mental health and well-being for all Arizonans through education, advocacy and the shaping of public policy. We do so by developing, empowering, informing and activating a network of people, healthcare providers and business alliances interested in advocating for sound public mental health policy in Arizona.

NAMI Valley of the Sun

Provides education programs at no cost throughout Maricopa County, including family programs, peer programs, programs for teachers and school administrators, programs for veterans and their families, support groups, and many more.

Office (Not Crisis) (602) 244-8166

Maricopa Crisis Line (800) 631-1314

Hearing impaired (TTY/TDD) Crisis Line (800) 327-9254

Safe Place

Safe Place is a program that serves Maricopa County’s youth, ages 12-17 years old 24/7. Safe Place provides immediate assistance to those in crisis, including shelter. Youth can contact Safe Place by either calling the crisis line, texting their location, or entering and asking for help at any of our partner site locations with the Safe Place sign.

Crisis line: (602) 841-5799

Space Before Change

Space Before Change is a coaching membership for bullying and mental health care. This confidential, supportive resource creates space for the emotions that thwart change. Centering on the keystone habit called My 42, participants learn self-awareness, self-respect and self-regulation


Ophelia’s Place

Ophelia’s Place provides support, education, and resources for eating disorders, disordered eating and body dissatisfaction. 

(480) 436-7683


Addiction Haven 

Addiction Haven educates with families, adolescents and community stakeholders on addiction, policy, reducing stigma, early intervention, overdose prevention, naloxone and recovery. They also provide resources and referrals to those in active addiction and educate families on communication skills, addiction, early intervention, and recovery.

Parents of Addicted Loved ones (PAL)

A parent support group providing hope, guidance, and addiction education to those who are affected by addiction.  Groups meet every week and PAL meetings are open to anyone of any faith or background as our primary goal is to provide hope through education and support for parents dealing with addicted loved ones. Call (480) 300-4712 or visit:  

Community Bridges

Provides comprehensive, medically-integrated behavioral health services statewide. Services focus on using age-specific interventions to taper adolescents off opioids by using medication assisted treatment, individual counseling, and extended family support. The program helps youth to identify, manage, and understand individual challenges in order to achieve true wellness and recovery.  24/7 Access to Care available at (877) 931-9142

Drug Rehab Connections

An informational website about drug rehab and what to expect.


Operation Shockwave

Operation Shockwave brings veterans and their families together for social engagements allowing the children to build friendships with other kids experiencing similar hardships with a veteran parent. Events focus on helping children understand what their parent is battling, while building the child’s own value and self-worth. The local Crisis Response Team is ready 24/7 at (480) 259-1212.



BLOOM365 has a mission to prevent dating abuse BEFORE it starts by educating and activating young people.  Its 3-step approach combines a research-based and evidence-informed multi-dose prevention education curriculum with direct service advocacy and youth-led activism for positive social change. More information can be found on our website or by phone at 1-888-606 HOPE (4673).

Kaity’s Way

Kaity’s Way is an Arizona-based non-profit that educates about the importance of healthy relationships on all levels and brings awareness to the issue of teen dating violence. Our mission is to advocate for healthy relationships by providing education, skills and tools to youth and their allies. Our programs range from providing presentations at schools and organizations, two regularly scheduled monthly workshops in Peoria and Mesa, and our curriculum and our after-school Peer2Peer program.

Visit our website at to learn more about us, contact us and/or request a presentation.

Call us: (602) 740-2734

Email us:


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